Signum Impact Case Study

Design and Development of an Explanatory Analytics Application


Roles: UX Design | User Interface Design | Visual Design

Intro to Signum
Signum is a platform that allows users to access Social Listening data (tweets, posts, etc.) to uncover and better understand user sentiment regarding their offerings to help steer future marketing directions. 

Finished Product


To design the architecture and user experience of Impact, an application to run on the Signum platform. Impact will allow marketers to track the KPIs and changing consumer sentiment of current and past campaigns

This app would actually give marketers up-to-the-minute results on their campaigns so they can actually take action and change messaging mid-campaign if necessary to ensure desired goals are achieved. At present marketers have to wait weeks after a campaign to see results.


Worked closely with the Product Manager and other stakeholders in understanding the necessary persona types and their goals for this product. Also interviewed representative users to better understand user behavior and motivation.

Analyst Persona

Persona Mapping

How Users Enter the Product

This led to a list of necessary features and functions in order to ensure value proposition is achieved. Building off the earlier created styleguide for the Signum platform, created an initial low-res wireframe/clickable prototype for stakeholder and user evaluation and feedback.

Based off feedback as well as engineering limitations, modified and refined design to production-ready light-weight build documentation.

User Flow

User Flow

Visualization Treatment

Visualization Treatment

Campaign View

Campaign tool tips

Setting up a campaign

Page Architecture

Campaign Summary View

Conditional Content Visualization

Library Functionality

Query Selector Functionality

Under a very tight deadline, worked closely with the lead engineer on necessary iterations and testing. Product went live in early 2017 and is presently being successfully used by Marketers in better targeting their advertising and marketing campaigns.